Hours of Service

For your convenience, Mountain View Pest Control is open Monday through Friday from 7 am until 6 pm to meet all of your extermination needs.

Our Custom Pest Control Services Include

Boulder City Pest Control

Boulder City Pigeon Control

Boulder City Bed Bugs

At Mountain View Pest Control, we offer an unparalleled level of pest control and extermination services. All services are provided with a family friendly approach to ensure your family, pets and property are protected. Contact us for more information on a custom pest control plan, it will give you peace of mind knowing your home is pest free.

What to Expect During the Extermination Process

Our technicians are dedicated to providing you with a thorough screening of your property and comprehensive pest control measures. Most properties receive our three step process:

1.) Inspection

Our technician will first begin with a thorough inspection of your property and pest control needs, focusing on prime pest areas. Through natural occurrences, some areas are prone to insect and rodent infestation. If we can control the insect population in the areas surrounding your home, we will stop their natural progression into your home as well.

2.) Web Removal

As part of our total commitment to quality, this service is standard. All webs will be removed, including prime corner areas.

3.) Treatment

Your property will be treated with a comprehensive extermination, focused on problem locations. After this initial service, our pest control experts usually suggest a service schedule of every other month with our custom made Truck Mounted Power Spray units to maintain your pest free zone. Our treatments include a power spray of the exterior structures, targeted areas are:

– Foundations
– Garages
– Barbecue Areas
– Patios
– Pool Areas and Around Pumps
– Treatment of Interior, Upon Request