Boulder City Bed bugs are some of the most hideous pests. They come to you just when you are getting comfortable, and ready to rest after a hard day’s work. The bed bugs will bite you and use your skin as a food source. Then they will multiply and ensure that you can no longer sleep in peace, in your own house.

Imagine coming home from a very long day at work, jump into the shower and then to bed ready to rest it off, but something keeps biting you and disturbing your sleep. If you notice signs of bed bugs in your home, you need to call a bed bug exterminator immediately. Mountain View Pest Control is your best option if you are looking for a Boulder City Bed Bugs elimination service.

Boulder City Bed Bugs Control

At Mountain View Pest Control, we define bed bug control in two ways: extermination and elimination of bed bugs. We offer services in the Boulder City, Henderson and all of the Las Vegas areas. We offer two choices for the control method to be used. You can opt for the patented one heat treatment or the traditional treatment administered after every two weeks. The first choice will help in the immediate elimination and extermination of bed bugs while the later will first try to eliminate and will then be followed by treatments to exterminate the Boulder City bed bugs.

How expensive is a Bed Bug Exterminator?

Our Boulder City Bed Bugs services prices are customized depending on the varying needs of individual clients. The bed bug exterminator will pre-determine your charge given the extent of your bed bugs infestation problem. Unlike other companies, getting a quote from our Boulder City Pest Control company does not oblige you to sign a contract.

Preparation for Bed Bug Treatment

Once you have gotten a quote and set up an appointment with our bed bug exterminator, it is time to prepare the treatment area(s). You need to remove everything that you do not want treated by the technicians. Boulder City bed bugs are notorious for hiding in bed crevices, beddings, clothing, curtains and drapes and inside closets. Therefore, take out your beddings and have them cleaned in very hot water to kill the bed bugs. Next, clear your closet, including closet floors. Also, take this time to de-clutter your home.

Are there payment options?

To make it convenient for you, all of our Boulder City Pest Control services can be paid via either invoicing or online payments.

Types of Locations we service:

At Mountain View Pest Control we offer our pest control services to both commercial and residential clients. Hotels, motels, hospitals and other health facilities make up some of our common clients in the Boulder City region.

Affordable Boulder City Bed Bug Service

At Mountain View Pest Control we offer you competitive rates for all of our Boulder City Pest Control services. Our Bed Bug services are very affordable and we guarantee our services to everyone.